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Building a business case for an EDM solution

The investment management sector is experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption and challenges - it's time to build a case for implementing an investment data management platform.


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What's inside this eBook?

As the investment management sector faces so many challenges right now, it is important for investment management firms to have a single source of truth when it comes to data.

This eBook looks at the main challenges disrupting the investment sector and how you can build a business case to establish an investment data management platform at your firm.

  • Managing disruption
    From increased regulatory and compliance pressures to increased market volatility, there are many challenges plaguing the investment management sector. 
  • The challenge for asset and investment managers
    The disruptions in the sector are forcing asset and investment managers to find ways to stay competitive and compliant. Turning towards technology is a common response.
  • The need for an investment data management platform
    When investment managers spend so much time looking at and relying on data, they need to know that it's accurate and of high integrity. Having an enterprise-wide single source of truth for investment management data is key.
  • Establishing the business case
    Creating a robust justification for investing in an EDM solution is about demonstrating how the solution will meet the current business needs and respond to future challenges as well. 
  • EDM Solutions – what to look for
    There are several key factors to keep in mind when evaluating EDM solutions. It's important to try to assess the financial impact of the gains associated with each platform.



This eBook will help asset and investment managers:

  • Understand the contributing factors of the disruption in the investment sector
  • Identify the need to invest in an investment data management platform

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