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The gap between where you are now, and best practice

Data has always been critical to running an effective fund. But with the explosion of data and significant operational overhead costs, we are hearing the industry ask "How are we doing?" and "What should we do next?"

This motivated AlphaCert to create a Data Management Maturity Model (DM3) to help organisations answer those questions.

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What's inside this white paper?

The more data an investment business has, the more complex it becomes, making data management critical. Good data management depends on having the right people, processes, platforms and partners in place. More importantly, good data management means that being data-driven is more than just a slogan.

This white paper outlines the challenges of data management, and how the AlphaCert Data Management Maturity Model (DM3) will help to overcome them. The model was developed specifically for the investment management sector. It contains five categories and four levels explicitly designed for the industry:

  • The five categories – to ensure accuracy, provide insights, set standards and identify the right tools and processes
  • The four levels – to help you identify which stage of the model you’re at

Once you've read the white paper, you'll have a better understanding of:

  • The level of maturity appropriate for your organisation
  • How to use the model to support organisational change, including identifying actions for improvement