Investment management sector – slow to embrace cloud technology.

Three ways to gain an edge on the competition by focusing on the cloud.

The world is moving to the cloud. The investment management sector is being left behind.


What's inside this investment management cloud tech white paper?

Research shows that most companies are moving to the cloud, or plan to do so in the near future. And yet, those in investment management have been slow to make the transition. Why is that? And what can they gain from moving with the times and learning to embrace cloud technology?

  • What’s holding the investment management sector back?
    Concerns about security, data sovereignty restrictions and fear of losing control are among the main reasons.
  • How can the cloud provide a competitive advantage?
    Speed, scalability and flexibility, and control over costs are key.

This white paper looks at the increasing maturity of cloud technology, and how more organisations – like investment management – need to gain the confidence to make the most of the cloud’s advantages.

This white paper will help you understand:

  • Why the investment sector is being held back when it comes to cloud technology
  • How an investment management business can start using the cloud.

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