Spreadsheet risk: the closing bell?

Spreadsheets are the tools of trade in any investment entity, but the risks of using them combined with data from disparate systems are becoming increasingly apparent.


What's inside this white paper?

There is increasing concern about 'spreadsheet risk' - the collective risk of adverse impacts resulting from the use of spreadsheets by a business. This is especially true when data is being collated from disparate systems and there is no single source of truth.

This white paper looks at the main issues of using spreadsheets in the investment sector and how you can address them.

  • The main risk factors
    There are many risks to leaving the creation of spreadsheets up to individuals. The main risk is that it can result in lower quality data, and when investment decisions are being made based on that data, the cost can be significant.
  • How can you mitigate spreadsheet risk?
    Spreadsheets do have a role to play in any investment business. However those spreadsheets should be used judiciously; with good processes, and linked automatically with an EDM platform.


Enterprise data management system

This white paper will help investment management firms:

  • Learn what spreadsheet risk is
  • Understand the risks of managing investment data with spreadsheets
  • Discover how to mitigate spreadsheet risk
  • Find out how to transition from spreadsheets to an EDM system

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